Monday, May 04, 2009

Tiger Eyes

I hate Mondays. I have to say that because it makes them easier to deal with. I usually have overdosed on the weekend with sports (real sports not that NASCAR crap). And sure enough, I was bleary eyed from the tube this past weekend. Baseball, basketball, hockey, golf and I even found a little track and field. The less said about the Pistons the better. Two words. They stunk. Tiger Woods had a 50% weekend. But 50% doesn't win a tournament. Wings I cursed at-for making brunch late so they stuck it to me by losing. Then we get to the Tigers-what is going on with them? I see glimmers of good stuff and then slam! back to reality. So this card is for them because it's a long summer and who knows what will happen.

I don't know who this image is from but it's pretty realistic. The image is on watercolor paper and colored using Prismacolor and Gamsol. Using several layers of Lasting Impressions card stock, I pop the layers using dots and also distressed a few edges with a razor. The small ribbon remnant is snot dotted as a photo corner. This card is sorta plain but great for a guy or a Tiger fan. Note there will be no lion cards forthcoming. The Pistons at their worst are far better than the Lions at their best. Isn't that pathetic?

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