Sunday, May 10, 2009

How Sweet

An elephant never forgets. So it's been said. I have this odd thing that it's hard for me to forget many things even as I wish I could turn off those cells in my brain. It's really annoying to know they will never go away and spring out and bother me at the wrong times. Oh well, maybe in my next an elephant. Since what else could I be? As long as I can have peanuts-I refuse to do anything unless I have peanuts.

Here it be that I have used a Lasting Impressions stencil, Lasting Impressions card stock and some remnants of stuff. Also a Cuttlebug, rub on and sandpaper. I have droopy ribbon. Like my droopy butt. I do remember what my butt looked like when it wasn't droopy. It matched the rest of my non-droopy parts. I remember why I droop. Will they? Someday it will be know they droop, too. And in my elephant stage, I will laugh and laugh. And beg for a peanut.

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  1. what a fun card, great use of your remnants!!


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