Thursday, May 21, 2009

Boat To Sail

If I had a boat, I would call it the Southern Cross-after one of my favorite songs every. It's kinda weird how I love the ocean when I have spend so little time near it and never actually on it. I think it's how I believe true personal freedom would be for me. To have a boat and an open spacial arena and just to go. I would want a doggie and a kittie on board and a bunch of great books. I am not exactly sure how I would handle the whole vegetarian diet thing-so maybe tons of dried tofu and seaweed. And a solar cooker would be a must.

The vellum backing this image has a pattern much like clouds on it-but I rubbed distress inks in two colors over it for a foamy wave look. The coloring is with Prismacolors and Gamsol and that twine stuff-love it. I have a whole spool and can't find it now. It's from Stampin' Up and is one of the few items I bought that wasn't a stamp from the company. I need it for another card and the substitute I used is less than thrilling.

Every year I say I am going to rent a houseboat for a year in the upper area of Michigan near the bridge and float east to west and back-it's about a week's trip. I missed the deadline again. Anybody got a boat? If only I felt like I could spend the money but have to wait out the Government Motors decisions.

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