Saturday, May 16, 2009

Take Wing.

I have a nest of birdies in my soffit. This long overhang on the front porch has been a safe haven for spring harbingers for years and years. While there is another nest in my faux fern (that I deliberately leave up thru the winter just for nesting), the birds seem to like the soffit. It blew down several years ago, leaving a gape big enough for flight in and out. Last summer when I got my roof renewed, I had them fix the soffit. Or so I thought. The day after Christmas on the one warm and windy day of winter, it blew down again and I forgot to call the roofers. So I am giving safe haven to a nest of something. They have a hissie fit every time I use my front door.

So I am wishing them a safe flight out of the soffit as I am calling the roofers back on Monday. The rent on the nest is going up if they don't leave. Time to leave the coop, chickies. Plus I need to repaint the floor of the porch after the lifetime warranty on what I put down gave up the ghost at 2 years and peeled off. And the hornets better stay away this year, too. I want all of you to leave and give me some peace and quiet. I am not running a bed and breakfast for anyone who can't pay the going rate.


  1. Your house sounds like mine. Last year we had a wasps nest (stung everyone but Charlotte) and a bird nest who found refuge in a knot hole in the wood siding by Charlotte's bedroom (and are they ever noisy!). Capped the whole and killed the nest but who knows what will happen this year (esp. since our spring seems so slow in coming...more snow is forecast for Monday!).

    Love that Inkadinkado bird...the layout you chose to showcase it is brill!

  2. Having birds in your soffit is much better than bats in your belfry, methinks! Love the card, and thanx for the grins ...


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