Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tabby Cat

Tabby cats are usually the most agreeable of any cat I have ever owned (actually they own us, right?) The last tabby I had was Alex who lived to be 21 before we helped him cross the bridge. He was a gift to my daughter from her grampa but somehow, all the cats in this house become mine. Our cats are all inside cats (unless they escape) so it is probably why they live longer. I do hate the "things" I step in during bathroom runs in the dark but sure love the toasty warm comfort year round as I am always cold and in need of a snuggler.

I didn't see that this card looked weird until I uploaded it. It does have a base card of dark chocolaty brown. You can see it better in the photos below. With the foam backdrop I use for most inside cards these days, the brown textured card just didn't pop off the backdrop. I didn't invent a weird new card-but maybe as a clear acrylic this might work?

I shot this hoping to show you my way of faking bow tying. I can't for the life of me tie a ribbon in any way shape or form that looks like all those nice ones the pros do. So I just took a hank and flip tied it and then snot dotted it over the main ribbon piece.

Here you see the base card color a bit better. I like using layers on this and stamping in a chalk brown seems to give a little more emphasis to the stamped image as black can be so harsh and screw up the coloring look. I used Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol on this for a softer look. The tiny hearts were colored using a glitter pen in clear-I find the cheapie glitter pens are better than the higher priced ones. I have had this pen for over two years and it still colors. Unlike a brand I hated for their clear glass glitter contents. Click any image and look closer if you want.

I am off to bed to cuddle with whoever shows up (and I know it won't be Johnny Depp dammit). I just hope it isn't wet dog!


  1. This is lovely. I have never had a tabby...maybe that's what I'm doing wrong. My fucker of a cat peed on my fav robe. I have washed it and it still smells. I am gonna try one more time but if it doesn't come out, it will have to go in the garbage!

  2. you know the old saying, "dogs have owners, cats have staff!" - we're aunt/uncle to a couple cats next door. it's nice having the luxury of enjoying the cats w/o the vet bills.

  3. What a super cute card Jan! I love the kitty and your accents and layout are awesome!

  4. Cute card! Your ribbon looks great. And your wording cracked me up (snot dotted). LOL.



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