Saturday, April 11, 2009

Penguin Nights-Are They Gone Yet?

Just as I promised, here is a Christmas card to welcome the Easter Bunny. I have NOT made one spring or Easter item so far. Maybe I will after I finish the Halloween ones I didn't finish when the sofa boy (turned video gamer) decided to leave the workforce and send me into a very bad mental state. It hasn't been pretty. My stomach is resigned to toast recently to stave off the stomach aches. If we lose his pension (it can and has happened before) , every item I own will be linked off this blog to auctions on eBay. Including the slug. And the damned crazy dog.

This card is one of my rescues. The original stamped piece was a Christmas gift tag (I don't do Christmas gifts anymore-when I had money, it was paypal'd or checked to my peeps). The stamped piece was boring. It had top and bottom borders of candy cane stripes and the snowman popped in the center. The snowman by the way, was a punched die cut from a piece of 12 x 12 paper that I think was Imaginesce and popped in the center of a larger punchie. Snore.

So I tore it apart and dug in my scrap bin, which is nuts. I think I add more to it than I use as I simply can't throw anything away. I did a bunch of layering and added that scrap of ribbon at the last minute for some texture. If you click the photo, you will see I also used a Glitter pen on the penguin hat and a white gel pen on the punched/scalloped circle. There is also some glitter glue on the candy cane stamp images. This is not a very big card-maybe 4 x 4 at the most.

I might have a few more cards if I dig around, but need to finish my taxes this weekend. I am so confused by what the code says for pensions. And of course, we are not entitled to the stimulus/Making Work Pay BS ya'll got this past week for the first time (gotta work and SS people get a special check come June) why single out a huge group of people who might spend just as much as the above? Yeah, that 8 bucks would have gone a long way-toward my water bill that just doubled. Or my house taxes that went up as my property value went down. Yeah, I better stick to that toast a whole lot longer.
ETA-Any pensioners out there? You better read THIS. You will be getting the stimulus/Making Work Pay in your checks-but you have to give it back!! You will be expected to return it next year on your income tax returns. Probably with interest. Funny that there was no increase in our check this month-so what did Fidelity forget this time??? We have not had a correct check once.


  1. there is always time for Christmas cards, i really like how you've done this. I like your comments about the stimulus...things are just crazy.

  2. I love your card Jan! The color combo is pretty and I love the penguin!
    I've been off work for 5 yrs. and I haven't received my pension from Delphi (GM) yet! I think it's a shame but what can I lawyers are dragging their feet big time. Thank goodness that I am at least receiving SS or else I would probably be in the welfare lines! *lol*


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