Sunday, April 19, 2009

Classic Cars

What defines a classic car anyways? I know old cars in good shape are cool. Old cars or any car with a "history" can be classic if they mean anything to you. But I personally never felt anything for any car. I was the oddity in my family as there are several generations that worked for the car business in one way or another. I guess that ends now. I would never ever want my kids or grand kids to depend on the car business for a living. I don't think anything on the market now will fit the title "classic" down the road except maybe the Mini Cooper. Otherwise, everything looks the same to me. But all I ever wanted was to go from point A to point B as cheaply as possible. Maybe it's time to break out the roller blades.

This is the last of my car sticker cards. And the one I liked the least. I do like the colors and original concept but not that ribbon thing I got going on. Sorta ruined it for me. Maybe a grosgrain ribbon would have been more masculine. The orange brackets on the bottom are huge brads from a package of odd shapes. I love brads. Especially non-round ones. I probably would use them more if I could untangle them in the bin they are currently parked in.

So it may be a while before I put anything new up here. I am too much invested in sports playoffs lately (even with the crappy Pistons performance and the whole AI fiasco). Did ya see how well the MSU men and women basketballers did this spring?? Monday is Boston Marathon Day, and I do have a bud or two running. Here is a card I made a few years back in case no one ever saw it.

I also have some personal issues going on that maybe will rectify themselves by June. Plus, I don't get many visitors as a rule, so enjoy the back posts and maybe see ya later. Don't forget to stop and smell the lilacs and run your toes thru the newly sprouted green grass. Go Wings! Go Tigers! Go umm... quickly, Pistons-because you will be going home early. I guarenSheed the team won't be the same next season. And Joe, whatever you have in your pipe, don't use it anymore. AI was not a good dream.


  1. LOVIN' the classic car cards lately - makes me want to make the trek to the Henry Ford - TFS!
    - SueB, a walker, and a slow one at that!

  2. Super creation today! Love the classic car...


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