Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Red Pickup

I posted some of these vehicle sticker cards a while back but this and another didn't turn out so well in the photos. So I took my good old time about reshooting them. If only I could get more of this type of sticker, I would be a happy camper. Stickers are hard to come by on a roll anymore. And Mike's, Joann's and Hobby Lobby have the same stuff. I kinda moved on to rub ons.

The paper used on this card is from Lasting Impressions. Once in a great while I will come across some of it in a bin on clearance. I have no idea if they are still making it, do you? This card is pretty easy to figure out. I did the eyelets on the top before adding that piece to the card because I don't like stuff showing on the inside. The tags are left blank for now-not sure who or what will receive it, so left it open. Maybe I should send it to Rick Wagoner, who got a crap deal recently. He is a man I admire for his classiness in a no win situation.

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