Friday, February 06, 2009

Rag Top

Did ya ever do something so totally weird and not realize you were doing it? And when you figured out what you did, you almost peed your pants? Happened to me last night/this morning. I had a bag of rice tortilla chips that I had purchased at Costco and there were crumbs in the bottom I was NOT going to waste. These are so yum, you have to search them out and try them. So the crumbs-I decided to dump them into a small bowl to nibble on at 3 AM. I did this in the dark (just as I usually craft). So I grabbed a bowl, did the dump, and ate. The next morning, I realized the bowl I grabbed was the cat's special twice-a-week wet food dish (it was clean) and I have no clue why it was in the cupboard with all the regular dishes. Makes me wonder what else I will find in an odd place (did I ever mention finding the Windex in the fridge?-4 months later??) I yelled at the slug for taking the container as he had used it to clean his windshield. I must have grabbed it back and put it in the fridge (he didn't look there, either).

Here we have another car sticker card. I see this was a light of the Aerogrow card, too. My blue layer under the car does not even come close to matching the blue in the background pieces. Not that any guy would notice but still it was way off. I need some sunshine, please. Why can't I make any cards during the daytime?? The base card is stamped using Distress Inks from Ranger and some Inkadinkado acrylic stamp. I think you can pick up the rest of the ideas-and don't forget to punch the lower edge and let a little more color thru. I then punched two small holes in the right side before pop dotting the car layers-then tied a ribbon thru. I am off to bed-making sure I at least make it into the right bedroom. No snacking under the covers tonight. I am out of crumbs.

Edited---I punched the LEFT side. Jeez, even my directionals are off in the middle of the night. Maybe that is how I got lost in space when the mothership dropped me off? As Indy would say, she would get lost in her own museum.


  1. Great card Jan, love the car.

    :) Marcia

  2. hahahaha, that's ok about the bowl, at least it was clean. but Windex in the fridge for 4 months? What were you thinking when you finally found it? Did you not see it a couple of times when you opened the door? That would've drove me nuts. LOL!!

  3. Your vintage car cards are beautiful Jan!
    p.s. your story was too funny!


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