Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Antique Auto

I grew up part time on a farm in middle Michigan. It was the same farm my dad was born on and oh , the exploring I did. I had barns to climb into the lofts and corn cribs and chase the baby kittens. There were acres of corn and hay. Rutted roads that led to a church and a creek that would dry up many a summer. The farm house had a Michigan basement (dirt walls and floors), outdoor pump for water and no real toilet (you brought in water to "flush" into a septic tank. No one ever closed the kitchen door except in the winter when the pot bellied stove heated the place toasty warm. I won't go into how torturous the rest of the house was with no other means of heat. I always knew where my brother Boo was if he wasn't eating at the kitchen table (complete with a fly strip hanging from the lights). There was a car off by the chicken coop similar to this one. Abandoned after years of use, it was the gangster wheels one day and the carriage to the prince's castle another.

This card is just some scraps layered and distressed with Tim Holtz inks. I love the look and it takes me back to an innocent time in the 60's when I wanted nothing more than to play pretend with my little brother. I bet he has a car like this in heaven or wherever he chose to be in his daydreams. We got our kicks on Route 66-somewhere in a farm field in small town Michigan.


  1. lovin' the vintage rag top stamps - TFS!

  2. I love the vintage look of your card Jan. The car and your story touched me in the heart.


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