Sunday, February 08, 2009

Changing of The Moniker?

I always wanted a different name-plain old Jan did nothing for me. I wanted something exotic like Jacqueline. I even tried to pass that off as my name when I was about 8 or so, signing my school papers with it. I was driving the nuns nutty (well, nuttier than they actually were), making up homework for myself and doing special projects (I rescued a lot of throw aways from the trash in the school cans then-the start of my recycling obsession, I guess). Finally, Sister Ann Isabelle called for a parent conference and the days of Jacqueline were gone forever (but I am still not a Jan). My niece and nephew refer to me as "Just Jan" not auntie or Jan or Hey You. "Just Jan". Stuck with it, I guess. Always said if I open my own business, it will be called "Just Jan".

Yesterday, I got a newsletter from one of my favorite stamp stores-Jane's in Waterford. I rarely get a paper newsletter from them, as I thought they were going electronic, or post cards or whatever was the flavor of the month, since honestly, I hadn't gotten ANYTHING in a long time (two years?). This was a monthly hangout when hubby was still working and daughter lived right down the road. I would hit this place up and then have dinner in Clarkston at the Union or wherever we could all meet up or made the rounds to several scrap stores for the newest stickers and designer papers in the area (for cardmaking). Multi shopping to save trips (not money-can't save money if you visit fun stamp/scrap stores).

Now, this store is NOT closing. But it has changed owners-actually a few years ago. But they kept the name Jane's, which was good as far as I could tell. I just love Jane so much-what a wonderful and special lady she is. All the welcoming hospitality she brought from her upbringing in Kentucky is always evident. I heard she was ill and needed to de-stress a bit and she wanted to move to where her grand babies were-back to Kentucky. Maybe part of the contract was to keep the name (for a while at least). But now it's been decided to change the name to Sandee's. Sandee is the new owner but she retained many of Jane's employees, especially Laurie who is extremely talented despite having to deal with crippling arthritis. If you look thru many of my posts, you will often hear me cite Laurie in them.

I have a couple of beefs, tho. I hate name changes for so many reasons. Anybody ever heard of Pine Knob in Clarkston? This venue opened about the time I got married and I saw so many concerts there. Then the peeps who own the Palace took it over. I don't remember if the name change came before or after this change but they gutted the place, taking so much of the charm the place had, to add more seats and DTE got the naming rights (money talks? and your rates go up) -the whole deal sucked as far as I am concerned. I haven't been back since 2003 when I saw Mellencamp. And anyone over 25 still calls it Pine knob since the ski resort, golf club and community are still called that. DTE Energy is not a cool name for any entertainment complex.

So my other beef has to do with Jane's/Sandee's store. Sandee's is now a stamping and scrapbooking store. It was predominantly stamping at first and that is why I was drawn to it. The contents of the store are changing and not for the better. I can understand Sandee being drawn to scrapping as she has a bunch of kids, is involved at church and has a child she adopted from Ukraine recently. All great opportunities to scrap. I prefer stamping and with only one other stamp store within an hour's drive (hi Stacey) I find myself torn. Because I want both to survive. But if the goodies are not in-store, I can't buy. If I don't see it, I can't want it.

I know stores can't carry all of it. I don't expect them to. I am also on a strict self imposed budget with hub/sofa boy retired. So I want to make the most of my spending dollars and keep it as local as possible. Every dollar spent locally keeps one of my neighbors employed, right? But if the store swaps space out from my preferred hobby to add others, they won't have the stuff I want or need. And that is why the scrapbook moniker on the new title for the store bothers me-a lot. Even with all the scrap stores who have gone away, there is still a lot around. Most do NOT carry stamping items, or when they did, they quit to add more scrap goodies. It doesn't happen the other way around at all. Stacey and I had a conversation about the new Hero Arts line of stamps and how scrap oriented it is. I saw very little worth pursuing in the catalog. I used to love them. If a store goes scrappy, I won't have any reason to shop other than cardstock or some papers. I can get cardstock anywhere. And usually cheaper, too.

But the really saddest part? Sandee does not have the charisma Jane has. She seems to be detached emotionally from her own store and is rarely there. I think I have seen her twice in the last year. It seems like Laurie is actually running the store and honestly, I was surprised when SHE didn't buy it to begin with. Another thing, is that I thought maybe they should move the store to a better location-a five lane highway with a non-descript building is not the best place. I actually drive by it myself if I am not looking closely.

I don't get down as often to shop as I used to. I have no other reason-sofa boy is always here now. And daughter moved (how many times is it up to now, Courtney?). But I still try to get there every 2-3 months in good weather. I hope I can still find enough goodies to make it worth my driving the insane roads of Oakland County at rush hour (which is every hour during daylight now). But something is missing. At least the name Jane kept a memory alive.


  1. Well, I just LOVE the name Jan. It's my step-mother's name too. :-)

  2. I always wanted something different to Marcia, it is not a common name at all in Australia, and it is so often mispronounced (it is NOT Marsha, but Mar-cee-a).

    Anyway, I'm with you on Stamp vs Scrap stores. We have one Stamp only store, but they have scrapping as well. Yet every scrap store declares they have stamp stuff, but it is hidden deep in the back corner, you feel like it is contraband you are buying!

    :) Marcia

    PS: I know a few Jan's and they are grogeous people, so your in good company!

  3. Jan I think your name is pretty! When I was a kid, I wished my name was Denise! For some reason, the name sounded so cool to me:)
    With economy all messed up, some of these stores are simply hanging on. I like to visit my LSS (Scrap Book Peddler) I love their DP but as far as stamps are concerned, they really don't offer too much either.
    Hobby Lobby offers a better selection of stamps but for some reason, I rarely make it over there.
    Have a great day Jan and wasn't it refreshing to get a taste of spring like weather the other day?


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