Saturday, November 11, 2006

Oh Danny Boy..and Other Drunken Songs.

The song Oh Danny Boy always made my gramma cry. She loved how Jim Nabors sang it and also the renditions on the Lawrence Welk Show. It reminded her of home. It is a very sad song, I agree. But most of the singers I have ever heard were so drunk that it ended up funny. Often they would try to hit a high note and beer would snort out their noses. Most of the Irish and pseudo Irish I know are pitiful sots when drunk. Of course, every March 17, we all pretend we are Irish and do crazy stuff. That is what this particular card brings back memories of.

I personally did a 5K race every year-sometimes a longer distance if it gets dark and I get lost! Then it was off to the White Horse for green beer and holding up the wall-you didn't dare sit down because your back muscles went into spasms after running in the cold and wind. This card is stamped and painted with water color pencils. Don't you love the red noses? So true to life, I surely remember. I don't remember where the stamp came from-but it certainly is a "Limey" bunch of characters.

This card is for Jim Blackhurst-all that is missing is him on the table top!

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