Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ribbon Storage

There are a lot of people who have emailed me recently about ribbon storage as my way was mentioned on several other blogs a couple years ago. For some reason, the link isn't working, so I am listing it again HERE and I will make a link off the side for others to see easily. I don't want to even go to the idea of how much more ribbon I have since my original post.

The biggest problem is when you buy a spool of ribbon, you get at least three yards but usually upwards of 10 yards for so little, that it's stupid to buy it by the yard or foot, because it costs more the latter way. I even have some spools of 25 and 50 yards. Maybe later this summer I will do a ribbon give-a-way. I did twice before.

And if you want other ideas, here is a LINK to hundreds and hundreds of photos of other crafters who also tamed the ribbon monsters.

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