Friday, April 30, 2010

Balloon Ride

As I am trying to figure out why my blog won't post to Facebook anymore, I have come across a bunch of cards I never posted to the blog. This card below is very similar to ANOTHER from last September. I sometimes make a couple of similar cards but play them differently. I loved adding the glitter on the edges of this image. I just like glitter, I guess.

I used the exact same papers and image from the card from last September, but I did change the coloring of the kitty to resemble my other cat at the time. I lost two cats very close together last year to old age and illnesses and am down to only one from a max of 5 so shortly ago. I think I will get another kitty later this year but want to get some painting and new flooring first.

This is an odd angle for a photo but I wanted to see how the glitter would show up. It was getting to be late in the day and the sun went behind my pine trees. Soon I will take my cards outside again to get some better shots. In the meantime, the bathroom lighting will have to do.

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  1. Simply fab paper choices! What a sweet image!


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