Monday, April 19, 2010

Crazy Blog Hoppers

Scroll down to the far lower right side and see the new fangled blog hop I added. You can add your blog, too and put it in a single post or anywhere else you want to play with the HTML. I may move it higher up later but this is all I have time for now. I will be visiting all the bloggers over the next few days. I may discover a special artist along the way. Or this list may be the best to begin with. 100 plus and counting.


  1. Thank you so much for participating on my blog hop!!! What a great way to meet each other! You might want to consider moving the bloghop from your sidebar cause it's growing fast and this makes your blog looooooong! LOL. Maybe just add the code to a blog post. Anyway off to check your lovely blog and visit mine too! Tons of cardmaking videos (one each week) as well as free staff. Thanks again!

  2. Yes...I was at the bottom last night, but I'm not any more!! Great blog by the way!!!



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