Sunday, March 14, 2010

Feel Better

The moment I saw this stamp in the store, I thought of a little girl named Evelyn-about 2 at the time. She was at my daughter's wedding last September and sat at my table and just talked and talked. Then she put her jammies on and danced with all the other kids, until she pooped out. Soon Evelyn will have a new baby brother or sister. I hope it's another red head-we need to populate the world with REAL redheads.

I could not find the directions for my sewing machine but did find a packet of faux stitching rub ons in my stash. It worked in a a pinch. Lucky me to find some to actually match the colors, too.

I used Prismacolors and Gamsol for the coloring, and a Spica glitter pen for the flower centers. Now I have to go catch my runny nose. Yes, I got infected---could it have been Arturo at the Friday night egg fest? I will bill him for the Nyquil.

ETA-for the hair on many of my images, I usually use several pencil colors. I am the mom of a natural redhead and if you look, there are so many variations of hair strand colors on their heads. Some have a copper color, some have a bronzy gold, some are very red, almost strawberry color, some are brown golden or neutral. So play with your pencils. If you click the photo, you can see some of the bleed of the colors I used.


  1. I adore the stamp..its really apt for a cute kid..absolutely sweet!

  2. Anonymous7:23 PM

    What color did you use for red hair? We had a vintage photo of my grandma painted. Her hair was auburn red and they did it brown, ick! I'm, er, was, a natural strawberry blonde.
    Sue from Goodrich

  3. Adorable card and such a sweet story!


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