Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Always Be My Baby!

So the day after Valentine's Day, I decided to make my cards. Some would say save them for next year. I never do anything in the correct season, and these just go into the bin I have going in the bedroom (the cat tipped it over one night last week-10 bazillion cards in cellophane envies all over the floor). Anyway, this card is not in my usual 10 minutes and done mode. I had to think what I wanted to do and decided to do shabby chic and use some elements I hadn't before. You will notice there is no stamping on this card. Not ever any real stamping ink. But there is ink!
The image was printed on thick vellum in a sepia almost black color. If you click the photo you will see where my fingers gripped the lower right corner and some of the ink came off. I think this gives it a more antique look anyway, so it works for me. I measured a piece of pink paper that has some texture to it and punched the sides making sure to leave enough room for the image. Once I placed the printed vellum on top of the pink, it really popped! I tried it with green and yellow but the pink worked best and gave the body a flesh tone.

I also took a Nestibility die and used the opposite side of the flower background paper, then cut the frame in half for the top and bottom. These were all layered on top of a chocolate card base, using pop dots where appropriate. I added tiny pearls at the corners but it still needed something else and while diving in my Iris cart bin looking for perhaps some old ribbon, I found those fabric flowers make of some gauzy substance (it was actually pieces of flower, so I was able to snot dot them in place to make full flowers). I finished with another pearl in the center.

Can you believe I took this photo in the downstairs bathroom using just the over head light,and a piece of black Styrofoam as the background? I won't do this a lot, but I was in a pinch to photograph some items this week and gave it a try. Someday, I may actually set up a photo box that is permanent. I think this is one of the most unusual cards I have ever made, mostly because there is no stamping. The bottom phrase is a rub on, my new go to when I am in a hurry.


  1. This is stunning Jan...seriously, you may have to go the vintage route from now on! Wow!

  2. oh yeah, Lovin the vintage going on here! Has my vote!!!!


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