Thursday, July 02, 2009

Picnic Surprises.

ETA-I fixed the not so great card and made it a so so card. The ideas I had to make it better actually turned into another card for later. The second card near the bottom is the fix. Better? LMK.

I have never liked picnics much. Mostly for dietary reasons. Being a vegetarian, 9o% of anything anyone brings, I simply can't/don't eat. Whenever sofa boy needs a dish to pass for scouts (or formally, for work) , I get elected (unrepresented, tho) to make something. I think I scare people with what I make. Brownies with no sugar or flour or chocolate (black beans, agave and brown rice sub out), salads with veggies people get freaked out by (apparently if it's not a white potato and covered in heavy white stuff or it's not fried, no one knows what it is). Ever eaten purple fleshed taters ? I have. Purple cauliflower ? Very tasty. Whenever I can get to a Whole Foods Market , I am so so happy. There is such an usual mix of veggies to poke thru that many don't ever get to see in run of the mill grocery store. Have you tried a jicama? Eaten raw, you will love the crunch on a salad. Eaten cooked, it is reminiscent of a potato crossed with an apple.

Here be my Independence Day card that sucks. I ordered some charms from Oriental Trading. They took forever to come. Then they were not as pictured in either the catalog or Internet site. So where that dumb bow is, that was supposed to be my pewter charm saying 4th of July. Close your eyes and pretend, okay? Another thing-don't buy those cheapie ink pads in the check out aisle at Joann's. I think they were Studio G. They are not water proof, so when I ran the Stickles glue over each firework, as it dried, lookie what happened. Thankfully, I did the stars with a Spica pen and the coloring with Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol.

I will replace that bow when I find something better-got any ideas?

So is this better than before? I layered under the layers with same blue base, then added a charm with brads. I did want some ribbon so cut a small bit and tied a knot. Snot dotted.

Hopefully, the sun will shine for you this weekend. I need some sun and heat and sun, and did I say sun already? I may venture out to the Detroit area for the CityFest (formally known as the TasteFest). There is usually a big name national music artist or two but Todd Rundgren???? Where is Weird Al when you need him!!


  1. Anonymous2:29 AM

    I'm not that crazy about jicamas-- in a vegetable salad they taste like a fruit to me and in a fruit salad they taste like a vegetable.

    Purple potatoes, though, are awesome. The best thing to do with them, IMO, is to puree them with some sour cream or plain yogurt. The acid in the cream or the yogurt turns the purple coloring of the potatoes an attractive shade of pink (just the way vinegar changes the color of red cabbage-- same purple stuff in both vegetables).

    As for where's Weird Al? That's easy. He's releasing a couple of new original songs this summer and taking a long vacation with his family so he'll be all ready to go out on the road again in summer of 2010. Hopefully he'll be touring behind the new album, but in any case, he'll be touring. ~OE

  2. I would starve to death as a vegetarian! LOL.

    I love the card. I think the "running" of the ink on the fireworks actually enhances the idea of fireworks raining down. They always look a little blurry in motion.


  3. Thanx for the "heads up" about the studio g ink 'cuz I picked one up in almost every color!
    I luv the card as is now ... I may have used a grosgrain dark blue ribbon in place of where you ran the solid blue cardstock, then dangled the "4th of july" sentiment FROM that ... but IMHO it's lookin' t'riffic!


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