Monday, July 06, 2009

American Bear

I hate fireworks. They smell and my dogs and cats are in terrors from the noise. My friend Mike C. said he doesn't understand how people can afford to burn and blow up as much as they did last night. 99% of it is illegal in Michigan, too. Why didn't they just light a match to lots of Benjamin's and really see what was wasted. Guess they skip the mortgage next month instead.

So I am a poopy sport but I like quiet and fresh air. And those bottle rocket leftovers on my roof are NOT a good thing. At least they aren't pulling out the rifles in my town. Save that insanity for New Year's Eve.

This card is another one that is easy to figure out. I still used the runny ink pad from Joann's, too. Not like I could actually learn a lesson the first time, ya know.

Here is a close up on the bear image. I honestly have no idea who made the stamp as this was stamped months ago. Using Prismacolors because my blender went dry on my Copics and I was too lazy to get up to refill it.

The card I made the other day will be resubmitted. I found a charm for it but need to take a photo tomorrow. The tube called today, with Tiger, Roger, Tigers and ESPN keeping me company on my heating pad. This is also a sad night. I am saying goodbye to my favorite Detroit Piston. Rasheed Wallace always made basketball fun, even if he was pissing me off. My heart will never bleed green,tho. The Celtics are the enemy. Be happy Sheed. This homey is still red, white and blue. I guaran-sheed it.



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