Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Worldy Sphere

Nearly every day I am reminded that the world is getting smaller. I think this is because of the amount of information we have available to us either thru newspapers (a dying entity), the news on TV (how partisan can it get?), and of course, the Internet and all it entails. I love the Internet because I can dig a little or a lot to get more information than maybe I even really want. Sometimes I get a big knot in my stomach from all that is available to me but I welcome having the choices. Some people don't have those choices.

"Meeting" all my blogging pals and "visiting" with them on a regular basis has been such a wonderful addition to my life. As I sit here frozen to death (okay, I exaggerate a bit but I am cold! And I am in my jammies at 3PM) I scroll thru my Reader and smile or cry. Some of you are already in a new year-I saw your celebrations on CNN or Bloomberg. We have 9 hours to go until 2009 here in Michigan and it commences another year to make it right or screw up even worse-take your pick and run with it. Just do it with gusto!

This card is kinda ugly-maybe Allison will start a new Uggos file for 2009. But this stamp struck me as looking like a globe or earth orb especially after I applied the glitter glue. (BTW-don't buy that cheapo glitter glue from Joann's for a buck-it's yucky and warps the card stock-stick to Stickles). The more I look at this stamped image, the more I see an earth planet in distress. The white glittered areas are the storms-don't they look like hurricanes or typhoons? I have NOT been drinking, I promise. Below is a little closer look.

This is a weird combination for colors but it's earthy. I do wish I had put Happy Solstice on it instead. Ya see, I am counting the days and the minutes as the time for spring gets closer (even if January seems like the longest time on earth). A minute here and there and soon it adds up to noticeably more daylight each day.

Well, the gym is closed today and I really need to go buy some rutabaga (end of year tradition from my Scot background). Then off to a late night movie as a Michigan tradition. Assuming there isn't crap at 9 bucks a ticket. Yeah, right-we will pick the least crappy of the crap as usual. No downer movies allowed. So have a safe transition to the new year. And a special good vibe is being sent to a reunited family in Calgary and a healthy 2009 for baby.

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