Monday, December 29, 2008

Free Bird??

Hey peeps! Long time no post. Did ya miss me??

Well a lot of stuff has been going on, not the least (but the most friggin' annoying) is that hubby retired. I was already diving into my normal fall/winter black hole when this came up. I had no say and still feel like a bystander thru the whole process. I have given some serious thought to just becoming a bird and off I go. Maybe like this blue bird? Time will tell-but I have to depend on the economy coming back a bit, too. All my personal savings are in the stock market.

Last week was the first time I bought something just for the heck of it in several months (yup, I tend to be paranoid when I don't know what is happening sometimes). I had two full punch cards to Pages In Time in Lansing and thought I might find something "new" since I had last been there in July. Let's just be nice and let me say,"if you have a punch card for this store",use it now! I have a vibe about scrap stores and I have it about this one with big spidey tingles. I used my two cards and a bit more pocket change, but I don't see myself going back unless I know something is coming into the store in new product.

This card is made with Lasting Impressions card stock run thru an embossing folder. The color is a bit off because it never sun shines anymore so I was using the light off my computer monitor. I am too lazy to go get the lights and backdrop out. And I wanted to see what the new computer would look like as a backdrop. Isn't that wonderful-a new computer? It wasn't a planned purchase by a long byte but the Dell up and died (sucky Dell) . There was a weekend special at Costco, so here I sit with Vista (hate it) but got a lovely wide screen monitor I wasn't planning on as part of the package. All my favorite websites look strangely......wide.

Just so you could see a little more of the detail on this, I tried to get a closeup. But not so great, is it? Why is that, I ask myself??? Because every time I save up to buy a macro lens, somebody needs something. When I had the money this past spring, hub wanted a table saw. It sits in the garage. So I saved up again. Hub needed a laptop (they retained the one from work, along with his cell phone and his car). You read that right, we had to buy him all three. And the bills associated with them, we now have-so how is it HE thinks we can live cheaper with him NOT working? This from a math whiz.

The stamp is from ...brain fart here...I got it at Joann's and Hobby Lobby has it, too. Altho with Christmas over, it might be out of stock. I will have more from this set in the next few days or so. Maybe I will remember it by then.

So I am one year older, not at all wiser and a new cyber Auntie. Welcome Avery ! See ya in a few.


  1. You are sweet to post about Avery. I like this card with that's almost looks like linen material distressed...

  2. Jan, I love reading your posts because they are so honest - and that is what I like. You have the heart of an angel, yet you tell it like it is. I think we have more in common that we realise!

    Nice to hear from you, love your card, the image is beauitful. Try not to kill your hubby, he will be helpful if you ever need something heavy lifted or something fixed!

    Happy New Year to you, hope 2009 brings lots of laughter and joy. We might be another year older, but I think it is also another year wiser!



  3. This is a beautiful card Jan and I love the color combo alot!
    I have Vista als and I'm still trying to get used to it. *mad face* lol
    Take care and try to stay warm, Spring is just around the corner:)


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