Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Spidey Sense

My son, the very odd one, fell off a ladder today. He was doing something on the house he and his wife are building (and building and building for like going on three years now) and he felt the ladder shift. He immediately reached out as he felt it falling and grabbed on to something. He just doesn't know yet what it was he grabbed.

It swung him around and basically took his arm one way and his body the other. He landed on his feet. He was stunned but glad nothing was bloody or his face and brain wasn't smashed. Until the holy bee-jeebers started shooting daggers into his shoulder. He could not crawl out of the cement retaining wall where he fell (can we say blessed when you think about where he fell?). His wife happened to come around (she was working on the other side of the house) and she put a ladder down and called for help.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the ER on Morphine while making sure nothing was broken (which would have meant surgery). His right arm was dislocated (he is a leftie) so out of commission for up to 4 weeks and probably some physical therapy. His finals papers are due this week coming up, so I guess he will be using one hand to type. Hopefully he can get disability while he is off.

This kid got thru childhood doing the Olympics track and field competition in the house, flipping over his handlebars off a ramp, running into barb wire fences while running away from a girl! and tossing rocks up in the air and letting them hit his head (so he could see what it felt like??). I guess he thought he was immune or his Spidey ability would kick in. Maybe he forgot to pay his superhero dues this month.

If he sends photos, I will post them later. His arm and my foot. We are certainly related by stupidity.

ETA-Ben's biggest concern when I talked to him on the phone was that his arms would not match after-one will be shrively and the other will be normal. So wear a long sleeve shirt dumbass!

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