Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hanging Tough

It's been almost two months since I put up some art. I stamped a bit this weekend but haven't photographed it yet. I am dealing with a bunch of things including a sick kitty. We had originally decided on a euthanasia date but after a lot of reading, talking with the vets and a flood of tears, decided to wait and see . Loki is terminal with skin cancer but is not at the crossroad yet. It could be a week, a month or next year.

I have received many emails from my postings on Twitter sending hugs and good wishes. Thank you so much as those are almost as comforting as kittie purrs. Loki's cancer is mostly on his front legs and the back of his head. We tried steroids to rev up his immune system and antibiotics as some of the lesions seemed irritated. Of course he licks and grooms them. Nothing stops that.

He is eating well and drinking fine-he is missing the litter box but I am replacing the flooring in the winter, so I can live with that.He sleeps with me and keeps me company. But he LOVES his sun shine baking and that is the problem. He is almost entirely white and has light eyes. I never thought about sunscreen for a cat! Loki has always been an indoor cat but he would spend hours laying in the bay window-in fact he is sprawled there right now-happy and contented. He is over 16 so I am not being heroic with him-I am being loving and compassionate, knowing I will have to let him go soon (I prepaid so I can just walk in with him when I feel the time is right).

Go give your doggies, kitties, bunnies, goats, camels-whatever you call by name and love-a head rub. Fur babies are the most wonderful creatures-even when they grow old-as they never ask for your soul-only your heart.


  1. Good Morning Jan,
    As I read your post my heart was heavy reading about Loki. I am so sorry to hear this news Jan! Both you and Loki are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Take care and God bless!

  2. Kathy W12:10 AM

    Oh, Jan, I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. I haven't checked in for awhile due to getting back to teaching school. My cat is 16 and very thin; we are not thinking he will last past this year and appreciate every day we have with him. Thanks for the link to my very limited gallery. Thoughts and prayers headed your way for you and your kitty. Hugs, Kathy

  3. hugs to you for your fur baby and glad your son is ok after his fall!


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