Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Michigan Store-Going Going.....

Just to let any local readers know, Luv2Scrap in Owosso is gonna start a going out of business sale Sept 2 and will cease to exist come September 27. This one has been around a while but anyone who knows the town, there just isn't anything to draw to small towns much anymore. Being from Flushing, I see the empty store front where the book store was, the Ballet school strangely dark, only the motorcycles in front of the bars late at night.

Go visit your local stores once in a while. They are unique and the conversations are fun. I know Micheal's and Wal-mart have better prices and coupons but I know there are things I can't get at either. Like ideas, tutorials on the spot, and finding a smile once in a while.

If you are in mid Michigan, go visit Luella before she is gone. This is the 2nd small town store by me that has closed in less than 6 months. We need these type of store (and honestly when Star Bucks closes, what is that telling you??). It ain't a good time for independant proprietors in Michigan.


  1. Four of our scrapbooking stores in my town closed in the last few months. It's the terrible economy that's driving all these stores to close. It's sad to see them go.


  2. Hey Jan!
    How is your son doing today? I'm so sorry to hear about his fall from the ladder. It could have been far worse than a dislocated shoulder though! Tell him to take it easy and I hope is shoulder doesn't give him any problems in the near future.
    I think that it is a shame that so many scrap stores are closing. I blame everything on this rotten economy!!!
    I really hope that everything picks up soon...for everyones sake!!!


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