Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I am not much into Christmas anymore. Long story but the greed turned me off so bad, I just said no more. I have not put up a tree in 13 years and it's just as well as my animals have no clue to decorum. One cat actually tried to fry himself by biting a wire one year. He was never right in the head again. 

I put this card together over a year ago. It is not stamped but instead it is a vintage image printed on card stock. I had originally wanted to take a class for this type of card but when the weather got bad and I could not drive, I asked the proprietor of the stamp shop to save me a kit. She did but there were many items missing one of which was the class instructions. So I did it my way.

Here is a close up of the icy glitter that resembles snowflakes on the little girl. I always wanted a muff when I was younger. Not real fur, however and I think that is all that was sold at Smith Bridgeman's in downtown Flint when I was shopping with my gramma. We always looked at the cute dresses and shoes but somehow I ended up with jammies and socks.  I am going to visit the lone kiddie shop left in the area this weekend to see if I can find a perfect Christmas dress for grandkidlet Avanelle. I used to shop at Laurie's in Grand Blanc for my own kids for special occasions. I don't think I could afford to clothe a teenager these days with all the designer labels that are must haves . Me, I look for BOGO deals.


  1. Hey Jan!!!! I was so thrilled to see you had visited me and left a comment. I've certainly missed you and was so glad that you stopped by. I'm so thrilled to hear you have a new granddaughter!!! That is so awesome! I was also sorry to hear the loss of Clancy and as to what the possible cause was. I'm so very sorry. It is just another reason that I am so glad I've taken my boys off of that horrible stuff. I actually picked up a book called Dr. Pitcarin's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Cats and Dogs. It is a great book, and even has the recipes in it for you. They are easy to make and well balanced. My guys LOVE it so much! I've seen an improvement in them just after a week of being on it. I love the fact that I know EXACTLY what goes in to the food I'm giving them because I'm in control. You can find the book on Amazon, and it is awesome. I'm glad you found an awesome food that you trust. For me, cost is definitely a factor. We are only living on one income now, and I have to watch what I spend. The everyday recipe that I'm using out of Dr. Pitcarin's book averages out to about $1.15 a day per dog. That is cheaper than the dog "food" I was buying at the pet store, and is way better for them. Again Jan, It was so nice of you to stop by and leave a comment. I appreciate it so much. I'll be back to take a look at what you have been up to. Again, congrats too on your new granddaughter! I'm so thrilled for you! Best, Curt

  2. What a gorgeous creation! I am tempted to go find some vintage clipart and make a card (esp. since Ave is upstairs crying it out...she just can't fall asleep by herself anymore since I have caved far too much lately. Craving sleep myself, I would crawl in with her which is exactly what she wants. I wouldn't mind if it wasn't becoming an issue all the time [and I can't crawl into bed at 7 PM most nights!]).

  3. Hi Jan, I love this card! I would say that "your way" is better than any cardmaking kit directions could advise. Thanks for sharing.


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