Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cupcake For Jennifer Love

Somebody keeps whining over on Twitter that she wants cake. She whines even tho she knows she can't have cake until after Baby Love is born. So I decided to give her a "fix". She can't spike her sugar this way, and maybe oh maybe we can have an hour of rest already.

I know this is cheesy- hey Jennifer, can you eat cheese?? Or is that another thing you don't like? I already ate your potatoes today, but I am not big on cheese. But I only had a couple of minutes and wanted to shut her up for the night. So here's to Jennifer Love of Benicia, California (and that poor poor hubby of hers who suffers so much-Hi Doug) who just entered her 2nd trimester and is due on November 15. Maybe Baby Love and Baby Scholl will hook up someday...if mommy doesn't drive us all sugar nuts before that.

1 comment:

  1. Cupcake and glitter...have I died and gone to heaven?
    Yumm! I want to eat cake..oh wait, there is some brownie in the fridge, as is vanilla ice cream and some hershey gooey I go!!


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