Saturday, October 03, 2009

Butterfly Wishes

For all of you who actually get to see butterflies in your yards, count your blessings. It has been years since I have seen any. People spray junk all over and the normal habitat for butterflies has slowly but surely gone away. I tried planting bushes and making a haven for them, but the neighbors and even the city spray for skeeters and other "pests" and in doing so, have pretty much killed off any butterflies or other tender creatures visiting. I think it was at least as long for hummingbirds too. I live in a pretty small city with farmland across the way, so this isn't some industrial catastrophe but more a lack of knowledge and taking the easy way out. It saddens me as I remember laying in the grass when young and having a butterfly land on my cheek. I doubt that will happen again.

Close Up of butterfly.

I used glitter pen in mauve to highlight the phrase a bit.

There is a layer of printed vellum over the designer paper to mute the colors a bit. I cut out the butterflies and pop dotted them . The base card has natural sparkle and the edges were distressed with ink. I probably would not do that again as I think it looks funky and not a nice funky either. But the butterflies are so pretty over the vellum. I was very pleased with that.

This is my entry into the event known as World Cardmaking Day. Normally I would have gone to a local store and participated and spent money. But the place I went other years is on erratic hours, so I stayed home. Maybe next year will be more prosperous-for humans and the butterflies. I can hope.


  1. Pretty card!!

    I spray the CRAP out of my yard to kill all the spiders and fleas and mosquitoes, but we still get tons of butterflies in our yard. Right now we're seeing a lot of Monarchs. And by a lot, I mean like SWARMS. Freaks me out a little because I don't like them to fly at me all crazy like they do. heh

  2. I love butterflies, (on print and paper, in person they freak me out) and if I could lay my hands on any butterfly stamp, I would..there are so many out there.

    I really love the little butterflies on the vellum. Did you emboss it or was the vellum with the butterflies..

  3. Hey Jan,
    Your card is beautiful and I love the butterflies!
    Now that you mention it, I don't see butterflies that often either. I see a few every now and then but not like I did as a child. I tell you what I noticed this past summer though, lots of firebugs! I never noticed so many before!


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