Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fish Crackers

Something is fishy in blogland. I know my blog candy is nothing compared to Copic pen giveaways and Slice machine goodies. But for all the visitors I got, only 11 entered so far. Even my own daughter and sister in law didn't enter. How weird is that? I guess a prize package worth over 35 fish crackers isn't worth anyone's time. Well, it will be the last time, so you have until tonight to enter before I draw a random number. All of you who did enter have pretty damned good odds of winning at this point. Don't ya just love all those groupies at Tim Holtz blog who fawn all over him? I wonder how many actually know they are "feeling" up the wrong tree, so to speak? Check the previous entry, it's two down from here for the blog candy.

This is a Great Impressions stamp. I hope you like the card. Now I am off to bed because I am exhausted from the stamp convention in Novi. It will be my last one attended. At least in Michigan. I will regale you later with the details but I need the heating pad. Nite.


  1. What a cute little stamp...Tristan and Kiernan would love it (bring kitty and fish lovers). Love the little goldfish idea as embellies too!

    P.S. Liking the Tim Holtz crack!

  2. Waiting to hear about the details of the stamp convention! Did you find anything good?


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