Thursday, August 06, 2009

Blue Bird Don't Fly Away

I have been dealing with a wasp's nest outside my door to the deck. When we had a new roof installed last summer, there was a bit of a gap in the side soffit and I honestly hadn't paid much attention to it. Until I went out the door and a mini swarm took me by surprise. Then they came in the house. Now, I don't like to spray chemicals and we investigated using other ways to rid them from the area, but we could hear them buzzing inside the aluminum at night. I would watch dozens going in and out during the day, so who knows how many there were in there. So I became a murderer. And I feel horrible. Well, actually hubby did the slaughter but I did the research on the Internet so I am an accessory. I just make up for the guilt that no one else feels.

This card used several Great Impressions stamps. The little bird is a smallish stamp all by itself. This almost has a decal look, doesn't it?

All the coloring was done in bed at 4 AM to relax from dealing with bad stuff and trying to not fall asleep to dream of the bad stuff. A lot of bad stuff lately. And I do all the worrying because no one else thinks it's bad stuff. So I color and fuss about and wait for the morning birds to visit, and then maybe sleep a bit, unless the bad stuff visits. I sleep with my Prismacolors close by because markers would make a mess! Night, peoples. A new day is dawning and the garbage men will be by at the rise of the sun.


  1. OMW this is stunning i love it

  2. It is very pretty...Love the branch and the bird and the whole effect s superb!

  3. Very pretty card! Don't worry about the wasps...think of it as evicting the non-paying tenants!



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