Monday, June 21, 2010

Santa's Helper

I wanted to title this post Christmas Creep in honor of Hobby Lobby. Maybe a lot of you don't understand that phrase. Maybe you don't care. Honestly, there are still people in my area with wreaths and lights up, and if I ruled the world, there would be a fine if the stuff ain't down by January 6th. For more on this creep that has gone creepy, click HERE

So I decided to add to the creep since this card is next in my queue. I used stickers, die cuts, cheapie gems and a piece of ric rac paddy whack along with some odd papers and card stock. There was a little distressing on some pieces but really, it took about 5 minutes even with cutting and punching.

A couple of things-for some reason my blog is not posting to Facebook like it should. It takes over a week while others I read take only a couple of minutes. I may delete the networked blogs thingie over there. And I do have lots more stamped and otherwise cards, I just am slow, depressed, tired, discombobulated and constipated so it will be a while for them to get here. I still haven't finished my updated new blog, so it will be awhile before that gets here, if ever.


  1. That is so fun...surely would make anyone smile!

    Now you smile too!

  2. What a fun Christmas card!

  3. Your card is cute and I have never heard of "Christmas Creep." That is just too funny! I have not seen any homes around here with wreaths still up. Hope you get over the depression tiredness, discombobulation and especially the constipation!!! You just crack me up Jan!!!

  4. Hi Thanks for visiting I Did It Creations and leaving your nice comment. I enjoyed seeing your cards here.

    You do fabulous coloring.

  5. How cute! And I am envious. I haven't done one Christmas card yet!!!

  6. Just perfect for Christmas, we're almost in the quarter of the year. Very cute design. The paper and other accessories are very cute and original.


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