Friday, February 19, 2010

Fairy Tale

Do you believe in fairies? My gramma did. She insisted it was the fairies who dabbed her morning glories with glistening dew on the back porch every summer morn. She often would wait for the squirrels to come slurp the moist drops off, then hand them a shortbread cookie. My grampa got so mad at her, insisting she would get rabies or fleas from the furry creature. I share her love of squirrels and relish the days the dogs are tormented by them every year. I only see gnomes in my backyard (maybe it's the grumpy in me) but they come out later in the day than the fairies anyway.

This card used several stamps from Great Impressions. The edge was stamped in chalk ink and then cut to reveal a bit of the inside, where a message is also stamped to the receiver. On the fairy, I used a stick glue pen and then added ultra fine clear glitter-this after stamping in another chalk like ink. Actually a pretty quick card that would work with whatever pieces of scrap card stock and ribbon you have to change it up.

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  1. What a pretty card and a nice memory of your gramma.


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