Sunday, January 31, 2010

Turtle Soup

It's been so cold here the last week. I keep telling myself there is a day or two coming with sweaty hair from working in the garden, lilacs along the fence, skeeters-have to let them leech the blood. Last year's hot weather was a vagabond, drifting in for a few days and then off to sea. Maybe that is why I like to create cards of beach landscapes. For a few moments, I can place myself in the sand and let my mind drift away to rocky beaches and sunshine.

What I tried to create here, in the bottom stamped image, was an illusion of shallow water. I now wish I had used a wider chiffon ribbon. That way I could have butted the bottom of the ribbon to the bottom of the card stock. Ben and Johanna have invited me (and the snore king) to join them in Florida in late April/early May. I had almost thought we could swing it (the dogs are $50 a day plus kennel shots to board). But the medical bills have started coming in, so the chances are less than 50% we will be able to go. I am not the touristy type person either. I love to dig thru book stores and craft emporiums, but Disney World? Sucky. We shall see as I still have time to decide. For now, I have immersed myself in the sea dancing with turtles.

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  1. Your card is cute Jan! I love the turtle and I too am wishing for spring already! Take care and try to stay warm!


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