Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stickered Tree

Like the previous card, this is made with stickers. For anyone not used to using stickers on cards, these particular stickers are heavier than the cheapies from the mass market stores. I patted the backs of them to remove some of the stickiness and then used larger pop dots made from foam to give them that dimensional look.

If you buy sheets of stickers (some come prepackaged flat and some are on rolls), you could get enough to make 5-10 cards depending on what is on each sheet. And they don't have to match either! I have used stickers from several companies on the same card. This however, is from the same sheet. Sadly I removed the header so the sheet would fit in my binder, so I can't tell you who made this or the previous one. But it's a few years ago that I purchased it, so probably not around anymore, knowing the turnover in supplies at scrap stores.

As usual, I have to say I can't stamp straight-look at that phrase. This also utilized those wonderful pearls that were at the checkout for a buck. Many companies make them, I just buy what is the cheapest.


  1. I like this...esp. the color palette!

  2. I would have never known that these are stickers! I really like this card a lot and the colors are great! Best, Curt


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