Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spammer Hell

I have had word verification for a while but had some ask me to take it away and do comment verification on my end. Actually I had both and only once did I ever have to reject a comment while using both. I took off the word verification last week and within 30 seconds, I had a spam comment. I thought, okay, I can just reject it. Ha!

Since that time, the spam has become worse and very suggestive and raunchy. I have decided to go back to Word verification. My other option is no comments at all, and I really don't get many, so it would be no big deal. I just don't like the gross comments that have nothing to do with my blogs.

So for the two or three that do leave comments, I am sorry for putting you thru another step. Until Blogger has a better way, it's all I can do.

And my gift to the ones who do this blog spamming is one of my dog's farts-in your face-at 3AM.


  1. I totally understand Jan. I have been getting spam lately too. It's to older posts. I think it's odd that they would pick older posts to leave their comment on but I was told they do that to see if we pay attention. I pay attention and so far it's been working they spams are less all the time. I didn't have any today (so far!). I LOVE your cartoon! You always have something that cracks me up!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Your cartoon is priceless! Don't worry about the word verification. I'm not sure why there is a connection to getting more spam. I was getting spam when I had my word verification on. So who can figure what goes on in their evil little minds. Obviously not much! LOL Hope you have a great year! Best, Curt

  3. Verification is a necessary evil. I tried my Free From Editors blog without it when I first started, just got too much stuff I couldn't stomach.

    But I may need to borrow your dog for a poster who has tried twice to put a link on my blog that I believe sends people to a porn site.


    Thanks for being such a faithful reader of my blog.

  4. Love the cartoon...may all the dogs in the world fart on the spammers!

  5. Went through the same process. I don't like the verification, but I was getting so much spam I had to start using it. What's weird is that I went almost 18 months with no verification and no spam, then it was like the floodgates opened.


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