Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update----STILL Taking A Break

Just letting you know I am still on a creating break. Working on the house and was hoping the sofa slug would go to Korea. I will be back as soon as the humidity goes down and my paper uncurls.


  1. Hi Jan, enjoy the break - means when you come back the mojo will be awesome.

  2. I'll be waiting... put some salt on that slug..... it just may move a bit.


  3. Slug eh? Can't they be boxed up and SHIPPED away??? :-) Hope you are back to creating soon.


  4. JAN!
    Thank you so much for the fat envelope of GOODIES!!!!
    WOW that was sooooo nice and unexpected, its nice to get fun stuff in the mail and not just bills!
    Thanks again you are too kind!!!

  5. Hey Jan,
    Enjoy your break, we will be right here waiting for you:)
    Are you a big movie fan? I see the words"keeper of the keys" and I thought about the Matrix. I love movies and I'm looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight! I can't help myself, I've been a fan of superheros
    since I was a kid. lol


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