Saturday, February 03, 2007

I am My Own Ribbon Shop!

I recently participated in a ribbon share. Here are two photos of my 30 colors. I almost don't want to take them apart, they are so pretty just laying there. My own fabric rainbow. I have promised to share with my daughter as there are 10 yards of each color. There was also a share of striped ribbon but I declined as I am waiting for either plaid or dotted! I also am getting a share of shimmer paper. It's all white so not as pretty as this. Check out my next post to see some of my other ribbon and how I store it all. And if I get time, I will also post my fiber collection-or at least part of it.
As a bonus, my SU demo Stella (StellarStamps)also sent me a sample bag of the ribbon that SU sells by the spool. I wanted to loop them thru my ponytail and skip down the street as it reminded me of the times I went to the dime store when in HS and bought just one yard of ribbon with my baby sitting money-and I had the ribbons color co-ordinated to each of my outfits. Ah, the simple life of the 60's.

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  1. This is a small world! I am almost positive we participated in the same ribbon share. Confessions of a ribbon addict???
    I also did not go with the striped ribbon as I had just put out so much for the other ribbon money wise, plus I'm really running out of room to store all of it!
    Anyway, it's all still in the box, terribly tangled at this point. Sigh.....
    Talk at you later,


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