Friday, October 08, 2010


While everyone else is gearing up for Christmas, I am going backwards. I present you with a love card. Supposedly, I can't work current. Is there a place in the working world that pays dinero that will let me do that? Too bad, but I ain't gonna do it any different.  I already have laid out items for 4th of July and something really cool for sailors/ship people. Do they have a holiday or not? Oh, and I am working on the graduation card I owe from last May. 

When I found this plain canvas to print with Inkjet in the clearance aisle at Joann's, I fell in love with the idea of shabby chic and how to use up scraps and dollar store finds to make something very unique. The last two years at the local stamp shows there have been a couple of companies that sell vintage photos or old images on CD or DVD and I have gobbled them up. There are also many free vintage images online and if you google free vintage clip art, you will have an all day feast!

An example of a dollar store find is this acrylic circle with XOXO. The entire sheet held at least a dozen circles with various words or images. I bought it several years ago and the color just matched this card so well.

Multiple layers make up this card from the printed image of an old valentine (all die cut using Spellbinders) , the green and black paper embossed and sanded (this is black with green interior) , two layers of die cut and embossed textured card stock in matching colors to the image and then three layers of designer card stock punched and off set. You would think this card was heavy but it's not. Each layer on top is pop-dotted and the lower layers just rest on each other. The base card is pitch black and textured.

I tied the top with organza ribbon and applied the acrylic circle as I didn't like the knot in the ribbon.  I noticed it was upside down, but I too am off kilter, so it works. Can you find the other mess up on the card? I double dog dare ya!  All items are from the infamous Iris cart.

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  1. This is very pleasing to the eye Jan! I love that you used some vintage clip art, because it reminds me that I have files and files of it from years ago! What a great mix of PP and elements.


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