Sunday, July 18, 2010

Take Care

Please click HERE and read . Then come back for a sec.

As you can see, my smile is hiding something. So I am taking a break, a long one maybe.

I may come back and post more cards but maybe not. If I do, I won't be writing much, just posting photos. I have a ton to show you but the sunshine isn't here right now. Be well and happy.


  1. First Joan, now you...all my fav peeps are quitting! I do hope you post sometime soon!
    Don't get lost though...


  2. I am so sad that people would leave comments that are negative for you.....certainly not deserved and I shake my head too wondering why people would do that. There are so many other things more important in this, friends etc. This should be a fun hobby, full of memories, I understand you needing a break. I hope you are not gone too long......hugs to you!

  3. Hey lady...I know we will still chat but don't let them get you down. Honestly, most people are shit but so be it. If only a couple people regularly leave comments, they are the only ones worth caring about.

  4. What a shame that this has affected you this way. Sending hugs,


  5. Hi Jan, it has been awhile since I've popped in; I finally got a job (I'll be teaching kindergarten this year), so I've been busy getting ready for my class. So sorry to hear about the negative scum you put up with. It still floors me that people feel driven to put others down; especially when they can read any blog they want to! Hope you continue to post your cards; I like checking in and seeing what is going on up in Michigan.

  6. Hi Jan, just me again saying hi. Hope things are going well for you. I'm anxious for the hot weather to be over here in Utah, and get on with fall. Take care,


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